This Weekend You Could...

November 21, 2014

jump aboard the polar express and get into the holiday spirit; the colorado railroad museum is re-creating the iconic storybook, complete with a train ride, hot cocoa and tasty treats

catch the latest movies circulating through the film scene at the 37th annual starz denver film festival. Dozens of films will be shown over the weekend and tickets are very affordable

donate to a great cause and bring a frozen turkey to the denver rescue mission for their annual thanksgiving turkey drive. Your donation will help over 1,000 in-need denverites have a warm meal next week for thanksgiving

get yourself ready for ski season by experiencing the epic footage of this years’ warren miller film, ‘no turning back’; multiple showings will take place over both friday and saturday

Home Ownership // Round II

November 20, 2014
Yesterday was a big day for my husband and I... we closed on our new house and set out on yet another adventure in home ownership. There was electricity in the air as we signed... and signed the endless paperwork that comes with purchasing a house. As the keys were handed over I could not help but wonder, what memories will be made in this new home?

I cannot wait to plan out furniture arrangements, get our stuff out of storage and then of course, over time, see how we settle into the new space and make it our own. I am proud of our patience because it truly did pay off; we found the right house for us after seeing so many that did not quite fit the bill. This by no means is going to become a design blog but I sure hope you don't mind a post here and there as things come together. 

I seriously cannot stop smiling, we did it! 

Round Up // Fries

There are few things better than a big basket of fries, fresh from the fryer and tossed in the perfect amount of salt. They pair wonderfully with burgers + beer and can be topped with almost anything to enhance their taste. Nearly every restaurant, fast food joint and quick serve establishment has a rendition but few stand out and leave a lasting impression. Today's round up is dedicated to the noble potato, please enjoy.

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