May 22, 2015


It's friday... the kick off to memorial day weekend. Hopefully the days ahead will have a mix of activity and relaxation, time spent alone but also with family + friends and of course, make you filled with happiness. See you back here on tuesday, enjoy all that comes your way! 

Food for Thought...

May 21, 2015

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Food Porn // Recipes for the Making

May 20, 2015
It is nearly memorial day weekend which is a holiday I feel is synonymous with grilling out, watermelon, ice cold brews and then of course, sweet popsicles. Seriously, is there a better way to end a holiday bbq than busting out an impressive but simple dessert to make your friends feel totally envious of your crazy kitchen skills?

I picked up a box of strawberry popsicles the other night at the store and have been gravitating to them to fulfill my sweet-tooth but that is more of a food-shaming activity I will enjoy in the privacy of my husband and dog. Some of these more grown-up flavor combinations and recipes are tempting me to get into my kitchen and test them out for myself. Now I just need to round up a gaggle of friends + family, invite them over for a bbq, pray the colorado weather will take a 180 so the sun will come out and then I will have all the elements for a kick-ass memorial day party... popcicles included.