Pizza Farm

July 31, 2015
Happy friday lovely readers. It has been a crazy busy week and I feel like my presence and dedication to my blog has seriously suffered. Today, sadly, is no different. I promise to do better next week and I have a lot of super exciting updates and posts to share with you. One hint... blog design updates!!!

Today I leave you with a hilarious funny or die video from nick offerman. The messaging is great and should make everyone think twice about what they are eating and where their food comes from.

Happy weekend ahead... make it a good one! 

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32 Weeks // Pregnancy Breakdown

July 29, 2015
I am coming into the last few weeks of my pregnancy and it is all starting to feel very real now. There is no doubt that my bebe bump is on full display and the only option at this point is to embrace it with open arms. Ryan and I are excited but also a bit overwhelmed at all we have left to do before our due date in early september. Here is a recap of how things have been since my last recap about 6 weeks ago.

(ryan and I in a photo booth at the big eat, a denver food festival when I was 32 weeks along)

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Quote of the Day

July 28, 2015