Labor Day // Weekend Update

September 2, 2014
If you are frantic and busy today... then both you and I are suffering from being gone for a 3-day weekend. It always feels like long weekends = extra chaos once back in the office. Ugh.

I'm going to take a quick minute and tell you about my labor day. It was pretty casual in comparison to the other holiday weekends I've had this summer. I got in one last pool day with my parents, ate way too much food at a taste of colorado, had a couple bbq's with family and somehow also managed to fit in a little shopping. 

This weekend also marked the anniversary of my grandpa's passing. It was quite an emotional weekend when I stopped long enough to let my thoughts and memories of him takeover. This past year was hard at times with the littlest of thing triggering me, causing tears to roll down my cheeks at completely random moments through out my day. I miss his smile. The way he would shrug his shoulders. His joyous laugh. Labor day will always be a reflective time for me and one that I want to spend celebrating what a wonderful man he was. 

(the last picture I took with my grandpa, july 2013)

Food Porn // Recipes For the Making

August 30, 2014
I know a lot of barbecuing will be taking place this weekend but this weeks' #foodporn still resonates with any cook who will be in charge of making a side dish or wanting something fresh and seasonal. I also have to give my mom some kuddos here on the blog, she found a delicious recipe from jennifer jasinski; owner and executive chef from denver's rioja that I am salivating over. Please enjoy...

This Weekend You Could...

August 29, 2014

taste your way through  more than 50 restaurants while perusing endless booths of crafts & goods at a taste of colorado

hit up a concert; keith urban, one republic and the jazz aspen festival are all happening

enjoy the bounty of national peach month by savoring one of the countless dishes being served up featuring palisade peaches

slip and slide through water world, the largest water park in the country before it closes for the season 

Wishing everyone a wonderful labor day weekend. A lot of people say this weekend is the finale to summer so I hope you fill yours with tons of fun, a bbq or two and some time in the sun. I am just looking forward to 3 days off work to spend with my friends and family.