Wellington Lake // Magisto Video

July 31, 2014
I used my favorite video making site, magisto to make a quick video of our camping trip from last week. This site is great... you upload your photos + videos and it automatically edits them together for you... oh and free which is perfect in my mind. While I would love to have a bit more control of what is included or how the edit is made, I do not have this skill-set so magisto is the next best option in my book. Please enjoy!

Weekend Update // Camping Trip 2014

July 30, 2014
I finally got a chance to go through all of my photos from this past weekend so I am finally ready to share our weekend camping trip to wellington lake. This is an annual trip we take with ryan's family that I look forward to every year so up until last friday, I was counting down the days to pack it up and head out of denver for a few nights under the stars.

(clockwise from top left:  arrival at wellington lake  /  a field full of beautiful aspen trees  /  the waterfall we hiked to on saturday afternoon  /  our view from camp out on the water)

This year's camp site was right on the water which was perfect entertainment for my nieces. It also gave us easy access to jump on our raft and float the afternoon away. Friday night the weather was perfect so after dinner + camp fire fun, we took our rain-fly off and slept under the stars. I woke up quite a bit that night but was instantly content when I looked up and saw a sky-full of twinkling lights in every direction. 

Saturday ryan's parents joined us on our camp site, along with our close family friends, rosie and jenny. Sadly, the weather took a turn for soggy-with-a-side-of-constant-rain and the afternoon was spent primarily under our 10x10' tent huddled together. However, this group's mood could not be deterred by the weather. We even got in a nice hike to the waterfall when the rain slowed and were able to enjoy story-telling around the campfire with s'mores in hand. 

(peyton and I  /  watching the sunrise over the lake on sunday morning  /  my nieces, kamryn and makenzie  /  the fog rolling off the lake at sunrise  /  makenzie playing in the water  /  ryan cooking up pancakes for breakfast  /  heading out on the hiking trail)

Just as we have done for the past 2 years, rocco joined us for our camping trip. He is quite the trooper, running around camp, sniffing + peeing on everything he could and even hiking. While I would say he did wonderful, the family might have got a bit sick of hearing ryan and I say, 'where's rocco'. 

While I hope we are able to fit in at least one more trip before the summer is over, I am happy that this trip was with the family I love so much. 

(wellington lake  /  luke, peyton + connor hanging out around the campfire  /  hiking towards the waterfall on saturday  /  my family: kamryn, krista, luke, me, ryan, liz, john, makenzie, peyton and connor)

Ice Cream Social // West Elm

July 29, 2014
Did you know that july is national ice cream month? I didn't either until west elm contacted me about their #wescream2014 event in honor of the sweet treat and summer's best non-holiday-holiday-event. 

West elm celebrated by hosting ice cream socials across the country in their stores on july 19th. I brought my sister who is an ice cream lover, just like me. We shopped the stores' great summer line while also falling head-over-heels for west elm's collaboration with local artists; check out the products and additional info here. Denver's aiko pops were on hand to enjoy which was perfect because it was in the 90's and hot was an understatement on how I felt once I walked out of the store.

The ice cream social was a great excuse to have some wonderful time with my sister. I could not have asked for a better day or better company to enjoy some ice cream and a little shopping with.