Easter Brunch

April 17, 2014
Brunch is my favorite meal of the day and easter is the perfect holiday to host a brunch for friends and family. For the past few years I have done just that; baking up a bunch of savory + sweet dishes, getting a honey baked ham (technically this is my sister's job which I am beyond grateful for), brewing big pots of coffee and setting up the bloody mary bar for all to enjoy. Over the years we have had a mix of guests join our easter brunch and it has easily become one of my favorite traditions. I love that our annual festivities always include a bit of chaos in the kitchen, playing board games and sitting in the sun on my front porch when we are stuffed to the brim. 

We are putting our easter brunch on hiatus this year but I thought I would still share some of my favorite brunch recipes in honor of this sunday's holiday. Please enjoy!

and while I am a couple days early, happy easter to all of my lovely readers! I am beyond grateful for your continued support and viewership of my little corner of the internet. THANK YOU! 

Spring Style Struggles

April 15, 2014
Hooray it's spring. The weather is warming up. There are flowers popping up in every garden around town. The sun does not set until 7. And then there is the spring fashion... well, sort of.

I could not be happier to ditch the bulky winter wear and change things up except for the fact that I do not know how to wear spring clothing. Like, at all! Fall, summer and winter fashions makes sense in my world but spring is like a foreign language. Also, to be 100% honest, I am not a huge lover of pastels. 

(clockwise from top left:  dress  /  necklace  /  tote  /  dress  /  wedge  /  fedora  /  necklace  /  dress  /  chambray  /  sweater  /  pant  /  pumps  /  eye shadow  /  nail lacquers)

I am in need of some serious spring style suggestions to help mix my classic, slightly edgy, fitted and simple pieces with the poppy, pastel and ultra-feminine spring trends. All of these items are currently in season and still feel like 'me'. Now, if I only had an endless budget to purchase these items and start mixin' things up in my wardrobe. 

Weekend Update

April 14, 2014
Baby Showers. Dance Competitions. Senior Proms. Wedding Showers. It was a busy weekend celebrating milestones for friends and family across the board.

Our weekend kicked off very early on saturday morning to see our niece makenzie perform in a one of her first dance competitions. From there we headed over to my sister-in-law peyton's for her senior prom. Over the past 4 years I have done petyon's makeup and helped her get ready for all her dances so, it was bittersweet to help for the last time. She of course looked stunning in her dress and the whole family came over to take pictures and see her off. 

The day was not quite over as we had one more event to celebrate saturday night, a wedding shower for our friends jon + becca who are getting married next month. A huge group of friends came together for a bbq in their honor that went late into the evening hours. 

Sunday we were back at it, getting things ready for an upcoming house project (more details coming soon!). Afterward, I was off to my girlfriend shannon's baby shower. Pink frilly presents, glitter and the cutest baby girl outfits were in abundance. I could not be happier for shannon's baby girl to arrive in just under a month. 

I could not be happier for all the exciting events going on in my friends and family's lives right now. Gratitude and happiness fills my heart to be able to celebrate these milestones with all those I care about so much.