This Weekend You Could...

October 24, 2014

grab your kids and head to the zoo for some early trick-o-treating; boo at the zoo combines animals, costumes + halloween fun into a safe evening

stop by littleman ice cream for a scoop of the best dessert in town and decorate a pumpkin while you are at it. They will be hosting a pumpkin carving contest on Sunday at 4p

head to anderson farms after the sun sets and loosen up your trigger fingers for the zombie paintball hunt

find your way through 8-acres of twists and turns in corn stalks that are over 12' high at chatfields resevoir's corn maze

We are only a week away from halloween which means its prime time to get into the halloween spirit. From family fun events to scream-worthy thrills that will have your heart beating fast, there are dozens of events happening this weekend that will get you ready for 10/31. I hope you have some fun... and get a little scared too! 

Rocco Turns 3

October 23, 2014
My little rocco is 3 years old today. I cannot believe it has been 3 whole years since ryan surprised me on christmas morning with a little puppy. He was only a pound when we picked him up from the breeder and now he is full grown... all 4lbs of him.

Rocco still has a ton of energy to play fetch and run around with ryan but also loves his afternoon naps and sunbathing when the light comes pouring into the living room. Oh and his love for chasing squirrels in the backyard has not slowed down at all. 

I am curious how my little boy will do in the years ahead as his vet has already mentioned that he has some joint issues in his back legs. It doesn't seem to bother him too much now but I have noticed he slightly compensates his weight into one side when lying down, probably to lessen the pain after active days.

Rocco is a huge fan of snacks... if it is a slice of avocado, a piece of mango or a nibble of bacon, he snatches them all up. However his favorite snack is a pup cup from dairy queen; he literally looses his mind over a few licks of cold vanilla ice cream. Some people are against giving their dogs human food but we figure, in moderation everyone deserves a little indulgence here and there.

Happy birthday little boy, mommy loves you so much! 

Fun Facts // Vol. 6

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