Blackberry Picking

July 24, 2014
One of my favorite memories from childhood is from a family trip to san francisco back in 2000. We went on an afternoon drive up the coast and on the way back we saw a sign for blackberry picking. My dad loves blackberries and immediately pulled over to the farm and we piled out of the car to see what fun we could find.

As we walked up the endless rows of bushes, crowded with ripe, dark purple berries hanging off every branch, we plopped a few in our wooden baskets every few feet, along with a couple in our mouths. Before you knew it, we each had an overflowing collection of beautiful blackberries to take back with us... along with stains on our fingers. 


Here is what makes this memory even more amazing... as we drove back to our hotel, my dad started talking about his childhood memories of eating berries with cream during the warm summer months. My mom wasted no time after seeing our smiles, she called our hotel and arranged for an ice-cold pitcher of cream to be waiting in our room with a bowl of sugar.

My family sat in our cozy hotel room, with giant bowls of fresh berries, still warm from the sun, mixing them with cream and heaping scoops of sugar before devouring with smiles on our faces. The experience as a whole was filled with so much laughter and happiness by all 4 of us, as well as full stomachs in the end. 


I did a bit of research and found some fresh berry farms here in metro-denver that are open to the public for picking. Honestly, it brought me right back to our trip and the fun we had berry picking so I thought I would share the links with you. Maybe you can go pick some berries with some you love this summer and make memories to linger with you for years to come. 

Food for Thought...

July 23, 2014

Denver's Big Eat // Wrap Up

July 22, 2014
Last thursday was denver's big eat... a night focused on food, drinks and celebrating the local independent food scene of denver. Oh, and it was a blast! The folks from eat denver took great care of us as we made our way through endless small plates from nearly 40 restaurants, sipped craft cocktails + local brews, plus enjoyed a stunning sunset from the denver center for performing arts's balcony.

There was some seriously delicious food on hand from a ton of fantastic restaurants. By far my favorite snack of the night was vesper lounge's 'funion' topped with a cilantro-lime creme fraiche and an edible flower, light but full of flavor. Other highlights included bones' crispy sriracha hot chicken meatball, the creamy vanilla panna cotta with a berry couli from marco's coal-fired pizza and a sticky-toffee whiskey cupcake from colt + grey that went down way too easy. 

With it being a warm night, I was also happy to see a couple renditions of gazpacho for a cool bite, as well as plenty of tartars and antipasti type dishes. Ryan was a fan of steve's snappin dogs, they were serving up a loaded hotdog with a side of baked beans + a shot of beer. As you can guess, I took his word for it. 

As for the beverages, we frequented the crazy mountain brewery's stand often throughout the night as well as the whiskey cocktails from leopold's bros. I found a new love too, happy leaf kombucha which was a great non-alcoholic option at the event and very refreshing in between bites. 

The evening was just so much fun and great example of the denver food scene in the summer months. Again, I have to give a huge thank you to eat denver for hosting us at this year's big eat. What a huge success and a wonderful night out!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by denver eat, however, all opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who allow me to continue creating new content for South on Broadway!